Playing Games

Poem By Charmaine Williams

If this is a game
I don’t want to play anymore
I’ve spent enough time thinking
About why you walked out the door.

Maybe I pushed you out?
I guess I’ll never know
Because you can’t be a man
And tell me yes or no

When I ask you are you mad
You say “everything is cool.”
But when I try to call you
You start acting like a fool

I won’t accept many more
“I’ll call you right back’s”
I do have self esteem
And baby that’s a fact!

I know I’m worth much more
Than what you are giving
I’m trying to change
This life that I’ve been living

I’ve always been so quick to throw up my hands
Whenever something doesn’t go
According to my plans.

But this has gone too far my dear
We’re gonna end up hating each other
That's my greatest fear

So if this is a game
I just have to say...
Baby, your game is very lame!

Comments about Playing Games

Boy, this sure makes me glad I'm not single! Very nicely written. sincerely, Mary

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