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! ! ! ! Playing Make Believe...! ! ! !
MA (March 27,1951 / India)

! ! ! ! Playing Make Believe...! ! ! !

Poem By Mamta Agarwal

Like a child today I play make believe,
And have bought all your favourite things.
Guavas, purple grapes, dark chocolates, I bring
Telling myself, while arranging, not to grieve…

So young, vivacious, funny and vibrant
With infectious zest, prodding everyone to live
Ailing heart, yet forever ready to share and give
Spasmodic breathe… last words to our parents,

Lament not, thank you both for everything…
But now I must go… a soft smile…God awaits.
I need rest, feeling weak, its kind of getting late
Drifted like an autumn leaf, though it was spring.

I look at all the colourful fruits in the crystal bowl
With quivering lips I try my best, sis to hold
Back my tears, for elders have always told
If you cry and mourn, it hurts the soul…

Is it really really three decades today,
when this day you were called away...


Mamta Agarwal

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God is great Mamta...no doubt...but i must say Death is no less great...we love bodies alive...Death teaches us to love souls...good subject you have chosen here...telling a truth in most subtle way...10