Playing Tricks

I’m doing it again putting my heart on the line
And I’m setting myself up for being hurt
In the end I was ask why
Tears by my side and I will promise
Never to do it again

But I’m just a girl and this is only love
It’s a nasty game,
Our eyes become blind, hearts unfold
And the story of heartbreak is once again told.

So when the time changes and the tears don’t fall
You build up barriers that hide any true emotion
Becoming more of a shell then the beauty with in
And no one can see you crying

I’ll go back and play the same old tricks
Messing with fire and sleeping with pricks
Getting burnt will no longer exist
For the reality is it’s the emotions don’t fair up

And I’ll see you one day when I’m old and gray
Looking back on what I missed out on
I was to blind my heart unfolded
But all was not as it seemed.

by Abbe Martin

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Don't you worry he'll will miss you and come back and if not you will find your man Roger