BR (7-7-** ~Alive baby ^_^ / )


the music
it moves up my fingers
makeing me place them ever so carefuly
a deep breath
and then we're off
the tune takeing over my body
not a thought in my mind
but my muscles singing alone
they just know
the perfect moement
for a tune I know so well
So well to forget I am playing and
I just hear the song in my head
my heart
ringing louder and louder, and louder still

While one hand tuches the string
the other tuches the bow
lose grip
tight arm
frantic moving
I begin to sway

and then I stiffen
a sour note
I lash back to reality
begining to shake
Scolding from my instructer begin
'you should know that'
I bow my head in shame
I did
slowly and still shaking I replace the violin on my shoulder
and begin agian
frantic to get things right
yet I cant seem to get one thing
even close to it.

by Brick Red

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