JB (July 11th / New Jersey)

'(Plea To A Soulmate I'Ve Yet To Recognize):

So much love I could give if you'd only take it
Please open up a bit and let this nice guy save you
Whoever you are, where ever you are
You're the one I think of
Somebody somewhere who is brave enough
To let love overtake you
I know I'm a lonely sort and I've made no effort to change that
But you know I wish that it wasn't so
And that I would wake up
Put the right kicks on, drink a pick-me-up
And get ready for the long haul
I'll seek you out
I'll start right now
Though the road may quake some
If you do the same
If you take up arms
In the name of elation
Then it won't be long
Before our paths cross
And we share an embrace
Hurry, love
Your heart's a compass
It'll be your navigator
If you're lonely
Or just want to know me
Guess it makes no difference
Come on
Come on
We'll soldier on
Towards one another
In a haze of ether
Let your eyes do the talking
Look ahead, love
Loose the dread, love
There's no need for balking
We're nearly there
We're nearly there
We're nearly there

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Soldier on brave one! Such an invitation from such a passionate soul could hardly be unrecognized by the soulmate.