Plea To A Wife

Will you condone that daft mistake i made,
A mistake that crippled the faithful soul?
Will you condone that sin which God forbade,
A sin which people will give a scowl?

Will you condone that sin which broke the heart,
A sin that eyes shed a river of tears?
Will you condone that mistake I impart,
To your sadness and your barrel of fears?

Forgive this being for what I had done,
for the nights I basked on the bunk of hell.
Forgive this mortal for I'm just a man,
who fell in a paramour's magic spell.

Will you condone that grave mistake I did,
And let me again on your loving bed?

21st September 2008

by Jazlle D. H.

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a wonderful poem..a nice one for all men...great write..A10 Ency Bearis