VN (1992 - 06 - 09 / Lithuania - Kaunas)

Pleace Of Truth

There is a gate
Witch leads to dark side of the world
Were is holden truth

Were many have went but noone came back
Were many have died but onely cople survived

Were is a Deamon
Were is a God
Were is Death

Were is all of the ansvers to you questions
Were it was held for ages
Were it was hided from mortals
Were it was safe untill you came and took it away

Now it is noathing more then ruins of death
Noathing more then river of doom
Noathing more then pleace
Were livingdead come to fead from death of oathers

I`m the first and the last witch you have seen in you life
And witch will show you the way to an end of the tunnel

Were is light
Were is death

And you will never comeback to life
Were you finaly understand that you died
And gain imortality

Were is noathing to gain or lose
Were is the end to all wot see
Were is noathing exept you and me

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