Contentment Be The Key

Content are we with barks of tree,
You with wealth and money,
Nor more nor yet any a less
Be our content nevertheless.
He's piteous, in poverty cast,
Wants and wishes of whose are vast.
If mind is haply contented,
Who's rich and who's poorly fated.
This is translation of a verse from vairāgya śhataka of Bhartŗhari, who was a king of Mālawā (part of today's Madhya Pradesh) . He renounced everything to become a monk. Here is transliteration of the original verse in Sanskrit:

Meter: mālinī
vayam iha parituśhţā valkalaih tvam cha lakśhmyā
sama iha paritośhah nirvisheśhah visheśhah |
sah hi bhavati daridrah yasya tŗśhņā vishālā
manasi cha parituśhţe kah arthavān kah daridrah ||
- from vairāgya-shataka
Translations|01.06.2019 |

by Aniruddha Pathak

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