Pleading To Be Accepted

Long before water was used to abuse,
As a device to slowly poison minds...
Greed and the ability to deceive,
Was a guarantee to leave victims...
Pleading to be accepted,
To further deepen their debts.
With a belief good credit to achieve,
Would enable them to impress anyone.

And racism?
If everyone was rich,
To possess any object they wished...
Divisive divisions created in minds,
No one would have time to prioritize them.
Or use boundaries as a discussion to debate,
Whose entitled to live life as they choose.
While confiscating resources from others.

'I thought this was a history class.
And not economics.'

It's all about theft.
And how it is religiously kept.

So it's about religion? '

What isn't?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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