Pleasant Pregnancy

For me it's
an obsession on
having a scandalous
With it I
always want touch
my belly and
my boobs because
I'm too and
extremely excited
I always want
to palpate myself
and shout the
pleasure I feel
This pregnancy has
an extremely passion
In my imagination
I'm sure to
want it because
it is rare
It's magnificent to
be touched by
a seductive woman
This pregnancy will
be the most
important and resounding
It is an
harmonious ecstasy
I can bear
it with a
lot of sex
I absolutely have
to move my
big belly because
it is very
exciting and heavy
It is a
reassuring thought because
it belongs to
a time away
I'm cynical and
pretentious to have
the biggest pregnancy
in the world
In it I
give myself hearty
I'm excited to
explore it with
sex and erotic
With it I
feel desired

by Laura arwen

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