He was filled with insecurities when the
stranger came inside. His body trembled despite
his imposing size, nausea filled his belly
as he heard them mention no other choice.

Raw panic stirred in his veins just then.
He silently screamed, 'Dont take me away, '
his eyes begged and pleaded.
'I like it here,
I wont bother anyone, I promise.'

Unfortunately, he couldn't speak, and no one
looked into his eyes.
All he could do was hang his head
as the uniformed man placed the chain
around his neck and dragged him away.

Tail between his legs, the door shut behind him
in an abrupt and final 'goodbye'.

~Stephenie VanCamp-Jones

by Stephenie VanCampJones

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A heartbreaking moment in the life of a dog. Very touching words that left me feeling quite sad.