LH (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)


There is on comfort in the emptiness of me.,
No past, no present, no future,
But then I am slammed by reality,
By the hate and pain,
Insanity, death, and chaos.

Comfort is lost and only pain remains,
I feel torn, ripped, and scalped...
A dull blade scrapes my head,
I feel pain, sheering pain...
My scalp is torn off.

Life rips through my body,
And tears at my soul,
I lie on the floor, bloody and beaten...
I imagine the comforting emptiness that I came to love,
Like the rain, it does not stay
As it leaves, all that remains, is its essence
It leaves me in misery...

As I lay here, on the floor...
Dieing, but not dead,
Voices screaming in my head...
End it all, please...
Kill me please...


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