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Yesternight I dreamt some false
Of you holding me
Preventing me from the fall
And I dreamt not just the lust
But the worry in your eyes
For me that you had
That you were unable to hide.

Yesternight I dreamt some strange
Of you clutching me tight
So desperate to be close
More desperate to escape that while
And I dreamt not just the touches
But the sensations it sent down my spine
Your each move on my skin
That my words can never define.

Yesternight I dreamt you
In an irresistable unusualness
That I always want you to be in
But too tough to explain
And I dreamt not just your hardness
But the softness in your breadth
The warmth it contained
Though chilling me in each sense.

Yesternight I dreamt our togetherness
Of that’s so unreal
Still feels too tempting to be true
Until I feel you everywhere
And I know I’m dreaming no more
I feel myself craving for you
To bless my needs with exact boons
I can’t wait for it to come soon……

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Amen, AMen, AMEM. So Profound, I shall read your prayer again and again, thank you for sharing your blessings with us All. That is sure what I would love to see, Peace on Earth, we have so much to share and live. Thanks!
A great piece for every readers to ponder...a personal relationship with the Lord, a day to day conversation with Him. This is a very touching poem too of a great relationship of a mother to her children, that even in her sleep, she still cares for them, and till the end..
Written by one full of love and passion, with the love that only a Mother knows of, as well as all the others included in here..........Beautiful! ! marci.m. :)