When others say sorry...
Everything they did is forgotten...
What if I'm sorry?
What if I want my life back?
What if I want it all to be forgotten?
No...they won't help me
It's all taken away from me
and I watch my hopes and dreams
fall further and further down
into the black mess of my life.
What if i told you I couldn't handle it?
Would you then forgive me...
or would you still throw me harder and harder into the pavement
watching my body become even more broken and bloody?
What if I told you I couldn't take it anymore?
How about then?
Or would you still continue your painful torture
until you made sure i regretted everything?
What if I told you i do regret everything?
Would you believe me then?
Or would you still batter my soul and sever my heart to ruins until I ended it myself?
What if i told you i was going to die?
Would you then...forget it, forgive me, believe me? my last painful gasp would I have to tell you I'm sorry a million more times?

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