HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

A Luminous Butterfly

Wonder winged luminous in my eyes.
Elegance sheer I perceive and prize
On a flower who plays the sun of skies.
What psyche fair in colours does rise
In flight of swerve and curve amid ease?
It my eyes trail wherever to please
Me to relish harmony it frees
Through me as my heart awes in its choice.
My heart sings of its hush to rejoice
On its coaxing wings of love as its voice
Drenched in rhythm to flutter with grace,
Sends its charm my ardour does embrace.
Seeming emitted from its wings' base,
Are bubbles leaping for bliss my eyes face.

Bliss viewed from its pride glowing in flight.
What muse fuelled it to fill the air with light?
Air groomed as spanking breeze to incite
Scenery refreshed with humour bright
Like the ocean of tune in my thought,
Alp's summit in my spirit it wrought,
Joy in its ripened bloom I have sought.
Gladness indispensable is found,
As the place whole revolving around
Me glistens with colours bright abound.
How the colours blaze as bright as gold,
My survey of such is turning bold.
Of my being it inclines to mold,
Description is arduous to be told.

Influences me its aplomb calm,
To rise from seat to be nigh its charm.
Magnetised I extend my right arm
To induce it to float in my palm.
Tenderness on my palm it does stream,
Of experience this touch is a dream.
Filled is my soul with the summer's gleam,
Delectation my soul such will own.
Splendid grandeur in its beam is shown.
Spring of roses in my heart is grown.
Lavishing me with boon stark like the sun
In its giving of joy firm to run.
What enthusiasm star-like in one,
Who has fetched at its very best, fun.

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