Poem Hunter
CNG (5/13/1992 / shafter california)


please! enter my heart
dont be afraid
take a risk
you won regret it
your beauty is as a great as gods greatest attractions
when i hear your voice, angels guide me to where the treasure might be
never knowing what the future may bring
but praying to god that your in it
your what the world needs, but especially me
my mind wonders off into what could be
please! enter my soul
enter the mysterious deep depression of my heart
let god see what we could be
lift your eyes and look into mine
see the feelings that lie deep within me
wake them to see how things could change
may you put them to rest the feelings i had once before
make the dream of the boy come true
the dream of having someone like you
please! enter my mind
begin to understand the feelings i hold
the heart, the soul, the mind you hold in your hands
dont throw it away
keep it safe within your heart
dont break the spirit of what we could be
hold it gently within your arms
let the mind run free of what the future could bring
dont be embarrassed of the past
dont stray away from where i could be, stay close
please! enter my life

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That must be someone really special to you! ! ! 20+++++