Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Please allow me to introduce myself.
Usually loud, cynical and obnoxious I have been around for a very long score.
I am the undertaker of institutions,
I rather stir up trouble than keep quiet.
I fight the very notion of propriety
favouring unpunished loot.
I base decisions on hearsay opportunism.
Underneath my carpet I sweep bribes and kickbacks.
I absolutely deny meritocracy.
I submit to pressure in politics.
So when you meet me I don't mind some courtesy,
sympathy, taste and - why not - politesse.
I failed to attend top stately school campuses.
Nevertheless I belong to nobility.
I should like to think that I am sort of politically-correct.
Though not the bane of anyone's existence I served no criminal sentences.
Cole Porter might have put it this way:
in a Bond movie I am Martini shaken rather than stirred.
On a tray I am the ashes from a cigar smoked by El Coma Andante.
In fashion I am a commie red beret.
In philosophy I am truth mitigated.
In chemistry I am cheap soda & lime.
in astronomy I am definitely a black hole.

What is puzzling you? Perhaps the nature of my game?

bottom line

I am simply your bête noire
the one who brought dejection to mankind.

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