'Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself'

I am a stranger un-welcomed by many, but know by all
I’m not short in stature some might even call me tall
Some never know I’m there until my fragrance catch’s their attention
Most would never even tell a soul I’m never to be mentioned

My long black cape hangs from my feet to my head
Along with Its satin interior hand sewn in shades of blood red
My shoes they are made from the finest of leather
Colored from the wings of the ravens feather

My cane too many may appear a bit like a crutch
I simply think it adds a classical touch
With its silver head and it’s piercing red eyes
Shaped like a human’s skull, are you surprised?

My black pants and white silk shirt seem never out of place
Always the gentleman, movement’s silent but full of grace
The ring on my finger to you makes very little sense
But back in Transylvania it says I’m a prince

Pale light skin that’s cold to the touch
See I don’t get out in the light of the day that much
Young but elegant with coal black hair
A debonair gentleman with a hypnotic stare

I have a way with the ladies such a sweet caress
I have very few gentlemen friends I must confess
In Transylvania they say I am quite spectacular
For I am known to them as the one they call Dracula

by Poison 9901

Comments (3)

A vivid description of Dracula with great rhythm.
now this is awesome! ! ! ! great story! ! ! ! had me hooked from the start.......thnx buddy! ! ! another 10 my friend! ! Brian
thats great poison. love stacey xxx