Please Appear Again..

Please appear again..

Nothing is perfect and pure

and nothing is good and clear

Everything awaits your arrival

and everything in this earth has to be changed

From the love of mother to wife’s affection

everything is envenomed

Dedication and thoughts of sacrifice

are things of the past,

some good things may be here and there

but man is less human and more insane,

Saints and monks have changed their path

to mint money for chasing luxury

in cars than taking care of fellow men

Temples have lost their sanctity and peace

and turned into plazas for profits.

Kanna, My Lord

Come to this world as a rescuer

Kanna, My ruler

come to this earth once more

as an emperor

to set things right

and pull us out from our plight…

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hope it happens and the prophecies of our books come true
A plea of a loving and caring author to his ruler KANA.....a lovely prayer to the most powerful one!