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Please Be Patient

Please be patient
My worries take over
And I get scared sometimes

Like being alone in the dark, isolated, and defenseless
Or, unlocked car doors that anyone can open at red lights
Of open grass fields with no one to hear me, see me, find me
Being tricked into something and taken advantage of
Not being strong enough, quick enough
Or being followed home one night in the dark
Of someone waiting for me around the corner of the house by the back door
Ground level windows that anyone can break
Or someone hiding in the trunk and then getting into the backseat
Of a hotel employee letting himself into my room
Being overpowered and having my gun taken away
Of being in your car with you, not really knowing you
Or being alone in a public bathroom that anyone can enter
The dark parking lots
Or the empty campus at night
Of someone’s deep lust searching eyes that I can’t get away from
Or the hand’s of men who get too close and fresh
No one believing me
Or no one understanding or caring
Of the…
Or the…

Please be patient with me
Don’t get frustrated, please.

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Your shattered trust in mysex embaresses me. I'm sorry for whatever happened. Nice write though, They say time heals best of luck D