Please Believe Not


I am a Cobbler.
I am here to make your shoes.

I am here to enable you
to walk on this straight road
of truth,
but let me know you.


Mistakes can be excused,
but dishonest men must not be spared.

You lie and you are repeating it with no shame.

What to do pl say.


Here is the Wolf and see,
he is ready to eat all my sheep.

Nothing is there to laugh at my speech.
Play no trick and listen to me.


Be aware dear men,
our own elected Govt is fooling us again and again.

Please believe not the declarations.
The Govt is not honest.

by Gajanan Mishra

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What to do pl please? oh, you would probably get along very well with my wife! ! ! i mean..........she, too, distrusts the government in our country. IS the government, after all! ! ! who said they could be trusted! ? bri ;)