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Please Cast Your Smile

We both believed
that this would be an incident;
one night out of a thousand.
I just never thought that
I would be the one left,
wishing for a connection.
But you became the understudy
for everr following relationship.

I wouldn't take back
that night for anything.
But I guess an apology
is the least I owe you,
for any pain that you had to pull through.

I know it was lonely.
Let my confession comfort you.

For days is stormed
while minutes fell like rain.
I fell into my thoughts.
People flew by me,
too fast for me to even catch a glimpse,
of a smile that could save my day.

The thunder shook my head to dizziness;
the cold made every bone in me shiver.
I said my deepest prayers
while drowning in mud.

When the sun finally widened her smile
and cast her beautiful beams down,
I held tight, coughed up the last of the dirt,
and let my body heal in the warmth.
This story can't have a bad ending

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