Please Come Back And Stay

I miss you since you've been gone,
She left and went away to gods home
and although you're here you're gone
because she took you too

Please come back because you can
and remember you'll see her again,
it's just not your time, you must stay
you'll be with her again just not this way

Please come back and stay
You don't realize the hurt and pain
I feel when you're away

Please remember you still have me
I love and need you here with me
Please come back and stay

I know you love and miss her and it
isn't fair they kept you away and now
she's gone home with God to stay

Please remember I love you too
and need you here to stay

Where are you?
I need you as much as you need me
We have each other just come back
And remember about you and me!

by Rhonda Pilcher

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A moving work! Please read my poem 'Is Not Perception....Reality.' Thanks.