Please Come Home.... (Mom)

5 Days..
Havent seen her, havent heard from her..
No food in the kitchen,
empty house to myself..

by Dislocated Heart Click to read full poem

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ooo Justin; im soo sorry. I cant believe diz is happenin to you. i dont even kno wat to say, i just wish i was there with you & help you; idk, this is shockin; ..i wuldnt kno wat to do if my mom bailed out on me; i guess all you can do is stay strong, keep lookin for her, & keep praying. Make the most you can do while shes gone so wen she comes back she can be impressed & stay. Idk; ill pray for yuh... just stay strong and tall & everything will be okay. Take care & dont be afraid to mssg/email me if you wanna talk...ill be there, i promise. [isly] ` Kerliee
great poems.. so sincere... good luck with your mom... reach her.. bring her back