Please Don'T

Please don't let him steal you away.
Please don't kiss him with those lips.
Why would you hold his hands with your delicate hands?
Please don't laugh and lean on him as you walk.
And don't look at me with your brown eyes
Asking me how I'm doing when I would rather turn and walk away.
You must have forgotten everything about Me.
How you loved holding my hands.
How you loved holding me tight.
How you couldn't feel the cold wind blow when you were in my arms.
I can't stop loving you.
You'll always be in my heart.
Leaving must have been easy for you.
Because your gone and you can look at me like a friend.
As if we could sit down and just talk.
But I would have to hide my feelings like I do with your friends.
And hope that no one would know
that since your gone I will always be alone.
Because you said you loved me.

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by Cordell Rich

Comments (4)

if i was a painter i could paint this scene because u discribe it so well.
There is nothing harder than seeing the one you love with someone else and you really said it well here.
I felt it, you took me there... Good poem... Colin J...
Cordell This I like least of the three.For me it gushes and I'm drowning in it.I swim away. Why are the others better, maybe should be tighter and more poetic or imaginative phrasing. maybe it says too much Thanks for your comments. send you a message shortly Martin