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Please! Don'T Call It Love
JB (3-1-89 / Miami Florida)

Please! Don'T Call It Love

This isn't love
Please don't call it love
What I feel for you is more
So much more than love
So please, don't call it love

I would call it life
Yeah thats what you call it. Life
Cause what I feel makes me want to live
So don't call it love
You can call it life

What I feel for you isn't love
Love doesn't feel like this
So don't tell me you love me
I'd rather hear; I'll live for you
Yeah, that sounds better

What I feel for you
I would say inspiration
Thats more like it
You inspire me
So you can even call it inspiration

Its not love
Absotively, posilutely not love
Love doesn't feel as good
Tell me; I'll inspire you
Don't say you love me

A better word for it would be eternity
What I feel for you is eternity
I would call it eternity because
I'll spend eternity with you
Eternity sounds so much better than love

The emotion I feel for you
Is not love
Its life, its inspiration, its eternity
Love? Nope, not love
Call it anything else but love

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