I'Ll Never Loose You

people like you are
found one i a lifetime
so you better take care of your self
because i don't want to waste another lifetime
to find such a lovely person like you
my heart is like an open book it depends
on how you read it
don't judge me by cover
look in and discover that
i'm for you and i'll be your true love
i've never thought that i'll find someone like you
someone who doesn't care about anything but our love
someone who make sure that nothing will ever separate us
someone who's always beside me
you mean the world to me i hope the same with you
when i'm walking in front of you i'm protecting you
when i'm behind you i'm watching over you
when i'm beside you i'm there for you
when i'm alone i'm thinking of you
knowing a person like you has made me happy in a million ways
and if i ever had to let you go
i'de find a million ways to make you stay
cause i can never imagine how my life going to be when you're not in it
i'm nothing without you
of all the people i've ever met
you're the one i won't loose
and if i die before you do
i'll go there and wait for you
i'll never loose you and never let you go

by wafae bazzi

Comments (2)

Methinks a hell of a lot of thought went into this, though I bet it just tripped off your intellectual pen. Telling title, Ted - 'too' much.... t x
this is just simply the best thing I have read today....beautiful.