JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Please Don'T Say 'I Hate You'

another dream about you
another disappointment
when I wake up and I find
that I have lost this love to time

another dream about you
I don't know where we were
in some land of fantasy
where you still cared for me

but now I'm sitting up in bed, and the tears are coming back again
and now your message is on the answering machine
you say you're sick of me being sad, you say I need to just get over myself
you say my mind will never be clean

why can't you just leave me to my misery
it's like you left me but you want me back
every time you look at me you see what you want to see
you don't see what I have, only what I lack

another dream about you
pushed aside as I try to rise
and put on a smile
as my secret disguise

another dream about you
your voice is tearing down the walls
'I hate you, I hate you.'
watch me as I fall.

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Comments (2)

This one is very poignant yet I love it
You used your words so well...I can feel what you are feeling. Great poets write with passion, and you have alot of it: -)