(12/11/60 / Danbury, CT USA)

Please Don't Shoot Me Today

(entering a large, Post Office after listening to an update on the "DC Area Sniper Attacks", Muhammad and Malvo and "Lose Yourself" by American rapper Eminem)

I'm beggin' you please don't shoot me today.
I'm just goin' out in a usual way; filled up with love steppin' through the door;
I just wanna live, I got so much more to give today!

When I turn my back will you attack?
Is it YOU, or YOU, her, him or them?
Not feelin' so right? Too tired, too angry; every breath is your fight? NOT ME!

Did you "gulp-it-up", sippin' too long from the dark, lonely cup of rage;
they say "all the world is a stage", have you been played the WRONG song;
buying into the part where you get to decide who lives and who dies today?

Is it YOU, or YOU, her, him or them?
Is it in your eyes, I wish I knew for SURE what to do to live today while I enter this line just to buy stamps
and my stomach greets me with deep worry-cramps.Is this precisely the wrong time and place to feel safe?

So I'm beggin' you please, wherever you are, don't take ME there!
I work it all out with my heart, not that you care but I'm still hopin'-an-beggin' you please, DON'T shoot ME today!

I'm not toxic or sly like a fox it may seem simplistic while you've gone ballistic!
And I - - still like to watch birds at the bath, chirping at the feeder, flying south;
these simple things, a sanctuary in uncertainty.
Back in this line, I wonder - will your weapon of rage get crammed down my throat?
I just want to LIVE, I got BIG love to give - please don't shoot me today.

© Reneé Marie2002

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Silly. She's much stronger than you. She doesn't hide behind a computer.