CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Please Dont Ask

It’s always been a game to us,
I hurt you then you hurt me,
The deeper the scars seem to form,
The more we are happy.

You crush me till I cave in,
Then kiss away the pain,
Then I break your tiny heart,
And it starts all up again.

A decade of this torture,
And I wouldn’t change a day,
Id rather be broken by you,
Than in any other way.

People say ‘Why do you bother,
This love isn’t for real? ”
But it’s not so much the actions,
As how he makes me feel.

Butterflies still inflict me,
And at every passing meet,
Our kisses will be dynamite,
That will knock us off our feet.

Don’t ask about our history,
For the story’s hard to say,
Just know I met my soul mate,
On a frightful winters day.

He warped me for a lifetime,
And changed my very soul,
And without our constant torture,
We would never feel this whole.

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