Please Dont Go

I had you in my arms since you were a baby.
I held you so tight so you wouldnt leave my side.
You were always here when i needed you.
You loved me with all your heart and i appreciated that.
I thank you for protecting me everyday and night.
but why did you have to leave my life?
I looked into your eyes the last time i seen you.
And i said to you i love you with all my heart.
Please dont go i beg you so.
Just open your eyes and dont close them tight.
I prayed to god that same night
all i said to him was please help him out.
How will i live without him here
what will i do without him near.
I found out my prayers werent heard
I looked outside and he was gone.
I couldnt believe it not at all
why did you have to let him go?
I refused to believe he wasent here
but i just had to face reality.
I thought of the good times we had
but all i can do is cry.
You took the only person that i loved
but what can i say i guess its just life.
Just remember your soul lives in my heart
and i will never forget what you were like.

by michelle salazar

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