ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Please Dont Judge Me

Yes I cut myself
Dont judge me please.
Not untill you no why.
Take the time to read.
Mabey you'll see I'm not crazy.
I'm not weird or mad.

Abuse and rape
Is the reason why.
Bulling And being judged.

The first cut was an accident.
After that I felt relived.
Instead of crying
I'd found a way.

Dont tell me I'm a physco.
Cos I'm not
Its my way of coping.

To watch the blood flow away
I dont see blood
I see the bad stuff going away.

I tryed to stop as yet I cant.
I maybe mad in some peoples eyes>
Just take the time to understand.
Maybe then people will see why
Maybe the bulling will stop.
I aint a physco ill crazy or mad.
I'm a human being.

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