Love So Pure

Hear Ye, Hear Ye- Friends and Family
Thanks for your support, I appreciate it grately.
Thanks for the love in which you've given
If it wasn't for ya'll, I wouldn't be so driven.

As most of you know, I've changed many ways.
I've let go of the past to see better days.
We've been through the struggle, now together we maintain
Cuz we don't need the drama, heartache or pain!

The things I've learned throughout this life I've lived,
Is to accept all faults, to love and forgive.
I possess no hate or stagnant inflictions.
I've ceased to be apart of any poignant friction.

I've turned to God so that I could understand
What it feels like to have the upper hand.
I've grown on many levels, yes it shows
I even give love to my haters and foes.

Peace, Love and Serenity transcends through out me
And at God's great will, I must spread it generously.
I can show the way for those who concur
So we can reach for the stars through a love so pure.

by nyna bankard

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Yes you are true, violence is increasing in many forms. Cleaning of hearts is required. God may bring this cleaning to fertilize souls with clean and green mind of non violence. Excellent poem shared on desk.