GS (1966 / )

Please Forget About Us

Purposely you did things to hurt me
Lied to me just to set yourself free, WELL
Eventually somebody will give you yours
Anyways don't come knocking on my door
So just pack your shit and please be gone
Ending our life before tomorrow's dawn

Fearing the worst, used to hope for the best
Our love failing is just too much to digest...
Remembering our youth, angers me so
God Damn You - just freakin' go
Eventually I guess, the numbness will die
Then maybe I can remember, that I'm still alive

Angered by the fact that I believed
Betrayed by the way that you deceived
Once upon a time, I thought we had it all
Unaware that this house of cards would fall
Tortured by the remnants of what was our youth

Unable to move, so torn by your false truths
Shredded my heart and tore my whole life apart

I wish you dead for I'll never forget
Don't come back with that look of regret...
I don't even know you who you are anymore
Please don't come near me, I'm done pacing the floor
Just me alone, cause I'm on the right track
Just take all your lies and don't ever come back

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