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Please Forgive This Truly Rotten Person
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Please Forgive This Truly Rotten Person

Poem By Mary Nagy

How can I be happy
when I know you are so sad?
It's impossible for me to forget
all the troubles you are going through.
Why do I try?

Am I selfish for wishing I didn't care?
Sometimes I get so angry at myself
because I want to be happy.
I don't want to think of you

But then I think of you.
You are so sad.
You are so depressed
and alone.
You turn to me as if I can help
but, I can't help.
I don't know how.
All I can do is say I care...
because I do.
I really do!

But, is caring enough?
Is it really enough to make a difference?
I fear it isn't.
So then I'm angry
because I feel like I'm letting you down.
I should be able to do something.
But, I can't.

What type of rotten person
must I be...........
to get upset because I'm sad
for you?

Isn't that the ultimate in selfishness
to feel angry that your happiness
is being disrupted by another's pain?
I'm sorry for being so selfish.
I wish I knew how to help you.

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Comments (4)

I feel the pain, Mary I really do. It's such a difficult situation. Sometimes there is no answer. Life can be hard. Love Ernestine.XXX
The positive vibrations of caring go a long way, Mary!
Just being there is enough to show that you care. Great poem Mary. liz