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Please Go Easy On Me
AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)

Please Go Easy On Me

Poem By Angelique' Rockwell

I love it when you call me
To let me know I'm on your mind
Finding a good, reliable, piece of ass
Is really and truly hard to find

Although I've been told by others
Who know just how we are
They see the way our eyes meet
I hadn't realized it'd gone that far

Laying and holding you today
I could almost have gone to sleep
I feel so domesticated with you
I didn't think my feelings were that deep

Even though we both see others
We keep ending up together
There is so much electricity between us
You leave me floating like a feather

I feel so comfortable with you
You know just how to get me hot
Usually embaressed of my body
With you that's something I'm not

During the past seven months
That we've been having sex
There's been more emotion
Then the eleven years with my ex

Please, I know you're going to hurt me
Just go easy if you will
I know you won't do it on purpose
But my heart will pay the bill


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Comments (2)

Like this Angelique. Sounds like a perfect arrangement to me! Anyway - 'better to have loved and lost' and all that! Hope things turn out as you would wish. Jon.
This is a fine poem of love Angelique, the flow is perfect, as are the honest to goodness sentiments within it. The title though, rather asking for trouble. Don't wish it on yourself for the love of God! lol 10 from positive thinking Tai.