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Please Go

Please go now,
There is nothing left to say,
For love is gone,
You let it slip away,

You took so much for granted,
Hurt me so,
Now love is gone,
I’m asking you,
Please go ……

You see, I don’t know,
Who you really are,
I thought I found in you,
A shining star,

And I was blinded,
By the light you shone,
I turned around,
And then the light was gone,

I stumbled in the darkness,
For a while,
Reached out to catch,
The remnant of a smile,

The smile was un-reflected,
In your eyes,
No longer can we wear,
This slim disguise.

Please go now, walk away,
I’ve set you free,
The truth is,
You no longer, care for me.

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Another nice one Linda. I look forward to reading more of your work. Sincerely, Mary