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Please Help Me, A Ghazal For Hindi/Urdu Speaking Poets/Readers At Poemhunter

I want to write poems in devangiri script, please help me
I want to translate foreign poems in Hindi, please help me

I want to showcase the Indian poetry to the world
I am asking all my hindi speaking friends, help me

I will give you full credit for you your help
we will do some creative work together, please help me

If you need my help to translate foreignn poetry
into Hindi, Urdu or punjabi I will help as you help me

Let's give up all misgivings, all envy, all jealousy
I will help you a lot more if you please help me

Let us put poetry of India on the world map
It will be fun and pride if you please help me

Give me your hand in this noble effort my friends
help others in literature as you are going to help me

You love poetry, reading and writing as I do
I will send you poems to type for me if you please help me

I will translate your poems into foreign languages
I will make you famous poets if you please help me

Let's join hands for Indian poetry and literature
I will do my best in this effort if you please help me

And if you don't, be happy my hindi speaking friends
Trust 'Ravi. He will help you always.Ignore his 'please help me'

by Ravi Kopra

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