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Please Help Me And Answer My Question

God help me come out of this despair
sitting here in the corner of life
with a dark curtain, there are many whys
seeing just how people suffer and die
receiving just pain,
don't know how my life goes on
how i trust life?
they try for today and tomorrow,
i can't find the meanings of
it was like playing cards,
all the time
i chose the rong cards.
with a blink we are old
we find
it's our turn to die
we ask ourselves, what was the meaning of life
i ask it now, thousand time
it is not fair, not knowing what happens to us
i don't want to die,
God help me to find a way to survive.

please answer my question if you can
but don't say
life is life
life is a must
we are here to try
to have aGOOD life

it's a precious word
if we find the meaning of
we don't die
we get ready for another life.

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life is as good as we allow ourself to think it is...if you expect too much from it you will never be happy...if you expect nothing from it you find pleasure in the smallest of small things life puts before a single dropp of rain that falls on your nose, you look up, waiting for the second...enjoy what you have...recognize what you