BB (1983 / Houlton, Maine)

Please Hold My Hand

They said there would be no drinks
And the party's going to be a blast
Come on, you’re invited
Let’s rock this party fast!

So when I get there
Everyone is acting all weird
With shots of tequila
Hard liquor and beer

It’s not what I expected
It wasn’t the deal
I promised I wouldn’t drink
And get behind the wheel

So I walked out the door
And got into my car
Drove down the road
But didn’t get very far

The last thing I heard
Was someone’s tires squeal
Someone was drunk
And got behind the wheel

With blood all around me
I couldn’t move at all
I heard someone yell
She’s not going to make it at all

They tried to get me out of the car
And the only words I could blurt
I was in so much pain
“Please don’t touch me, it hurts! ”

I could feel myself dying
With every breath I’d make
I was paying the price
For someone else’s mistake

But I was getting weaker
My body was torn apart
The blood was pouring out of me
As I felt the weakening of my heart

There are so many things I wished to do
So many things I’d like to say
Like tell my boyfriend I love him
And my parents they are the best in every way

I was scared now in fear
For this moment to be
As I looked up at my family and friends
That stood beside me

Please hold my hand now
As this hurt will now ease
Please don’t cry, it’s already hard
As I now rest in peace!

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