TC (April 10th,1987 / Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Please…just Don’t Forget Me

Please…just don’t forget me, My bleeding heart could not bare it
I have seen majestic mountains with you
Vast Oceans, and Deserts.
On Baird Street,
Walnut Street,
Please don’t forget the way the leaves
Blew into my hair, cyclones of harvest hues
Around lily white spirits, you and I.
My eyes green life in the season of death.
Your eyes crystal clear waters when all is brown.
Please don’t forget the wistful words spoken
The feathery lips and whispers
The tree bark scraping gently, the water lapping
And poisoned multi headed fish jumping in the
Foamy waters. You and I.
The chill that to this day quivers through me,
And each other against the wind.
Night. Survival. Together.
Please don’t forget the Clouds. Smoke circles.
Shotgun every one you said, so we could share something.
Don’t forget the sunlight playing through the prism,
Colors across my cheeks, rainbow bright.
Remember the wisdom conjured by mary,
The written words, never doing justice
To the words that were spoken there.
You and I.
Holding hands on Mather on our way to nowhere
Plastic seats and old people passed out.
Dirty were we. You and I.
Please don’t forget the words that weren’t said lightly
The life that I shared, the words you replied
The advice, the criticism, the comfort.
Please don’t forget that it was real and not
Escape induced.
Please remember my voice, my touch, my warmth
Carry it with you for always, Please
Just don’t forget me.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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