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Please, Just Leave Me Alone

Is this love just a mistake?
Are these feelings I have fake?
Was this all just one big lie?
Am I just another guy?

Did you feel the same way?
Or did u just say it to keep me okay?
Well it didn't work.
Cause now I'm hurt.

And it's all thanks to you.
And I don't know what to do.
Now you have someone new.
Someone who says they care about you.

But do they care as much as me?
Babe can't you see.
They dont care as much as i do.
They love your body, not you.

But now it's over and your gone.
And I'm left to move on.
Now all I am is another regret.
I promise you I will never forget.

I owe you everything I own.
So take it to repay the love you've shown.
So just take it and leave me alone.
Just leave me to die on my own.

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Vini, before you give up, try to let her know! If you have, then try again and again. She might not realise just how much you love her! Don't give up on her so easily. I'm sure that even if she has truely moved on, that you can still be good friends.