(July 19 1983 / )

Please Just Love And Hold Me (I Try My Best)

Please just love me purely and sweetly
just like I know that you do true
and unconditionally just as I do you,
you are such a true gift and your love
is what is still giving me hope and keeping me going.
We are true loves and best friends
and for you I truly always try my best
because you are my only one and all that I want.
Please just hold me so close as I hold you back
because we need each other in countless ways.
How can one ever truly feel complete without
their Angel that gives light and makes everything beautiful.
I just want to spend eternity with you
my sweet Queen giving you all of my love
with everything that you want and need.
Kira without you there is so little color, hope,
true happiness, or reason at all.
Please just love me like I know you do
and come hold me close.

Please just love me and tell me everything
within you as you hold me close and I plan to do the same.
Please stop being angry over things
you know I'm so sorry and devastated for,
it's hurting both of us babe and when we finally talk
I know we will work it through because
we so love each other and do have understanding,
please just love me with that golden heart of yours
like I know you do and just hold me so close,
I promise I am trying my best for my sweet girl,
I would give anything to be with you
snuggling so tight on what's been a difficult night
having a hard time fighting back tears of stress
and deep loneliness missing my Kira so bad
I just want us side by side hand in hand everyday
fighting along knowing we need not have fear
because we're right there for each other at hand.
I just want to be holding you as I tell you
how wonderful you are and how much you mean to me.
You've always been my beautiful sweet Angel dove
and you will be forever my treasured dear.

So my sweet love just remember how much I care for
and love you and that I'll always be yours
truly giving my everything and all because
you are my Queen and I just want to serve you in true love,
you're all that I need and want.
So please my sweet one just love me so
deeply and true as I know that you do
and I'll always be holding you with endless
and undying love giving my best and everything
to always make you so very happy and proud.

by Michael P. McParland

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