KG (November 12th,1993 / New Jersey)

Please Let Me See

As your tears leave a path on your cheek for the next
your heart splits apart a little more

As your fingers tremble at the thought of loss
your mind tries to wrap its mind around pain

As your eyes close at the sight of love
your lungs break with lack of air

As your feet move backward away from me
your lips twitch holding back a knowing smile

As your heart picks up speed at the knowledge just learned
your thoughts scream in agony

As you realize you lost me
you fall to the floor
and you regret not letting me see the real you

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OK Kathlyn - some good stuff you've written, but it could use proofreading and editing (boring topics, I know, but essential that you learn and practice these skills) ! You realize you've lost me You regret what you've done You never let me see you before!