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Please Let Me Speak To A Person

“Hello Hello is anyone there”
Oh no not that again
Recorded messages everywhere
Are really such a pain

Press one for this, two for that
Don’t forget the star
Press five if you want to tell us
Exactly who you are

Pressing four will get you through
Well let us try and see
“If you want to speak to a human
You need to press number three”

Number three it is then
Now we’re making progress
“Sorry our people are busy”
This really is a mess

Yes! I’ve got a ringing tone
Sounds like a good sign
“Your call will be answered shortly
You’re forty-eighth in line”

Slowly going demented
Getting mad along the way
I only wanted to tell my boss
I wouldn’t be in today

by May Littler

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Very good poem. The only thing you missed out was the dreadful saccharine- sweet muzak that they play.
Yes, I know exactly how you feel. This poem is a lot of fun. You might like to read my 'Digitally Correct' poem. In some ways it is very similar. Gyp's