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Please Love Me, Don'T Leave Me

Rain drops falling, thundering and lightning
The Sun is hidden, dark cloud forming
Gloomy foggy wet outside
I am lonely, me by my side
The day is crying because end is near
Shadow of evening will set in, soon night will follow her
Lady in red, thinking of you
Through the window watching the view
Through the window my mind travels far
To the place where my home is and where you are
Lady, lady in red, my love
You are a lady of grace from above
I have been in love with you, love at first sight
You lit up my world, yrs later still shining, still as bright
Our destiny stood on the way and we had to travel seperate road
I carried you always in my heart though it was a heavy load
Now, you are back in my life once again as before
My love boat got the wind, now I can leave the shore
Ranga Bou, you are my world, you what I have and ever had
Please love me, don't leave me and make me sad.

by Syed Karim

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