Please Love Me

What I have now is the blues
For here there's no woman for me to choose
Sure, there's plenty of pretty girls around
But they're all so easy I have found
When we're supposed to meet on a date
Most of the time they're late
They're more interested in me being a good looking dude
Than my interests, my intelligence and my attitude
They're so materialistic
They make me sick
Sorry, I would much rather be alone
Than be with a woman constantly on her cell phone
When I ask them their opinions on fuel efficient cars
They say 'I dunno, but last night did you watch 'Dancing With The Stars? '
When I ask them their opinions on the War in Iraq
They say 'I dunno, but do you wanna get in the sack? '

Now I'm not a picky guy
But I just don't know why
I can't find me a woman with at least half a brain
So I get off of this lonesome train
I'm tired of choosing just any girl
So we can have our quick twirl
I'm not searching for the girl with fancy looks
I'm searching for the girl who reads books
I don't want the big breasted bimbo who's sly and livid
I want the smart girl with glasses who's shy and timid
I don't need a woman who can offer me quick excitement
I need a woman who can offer me lasting enlightenment

I realize relationships come and go
But this doesn't always have to be so
And it is hard for me to say this stuff
Because cowboys always act so tough
But I'm brave enough to ask any girls who are free
To be a friend and please love me

by Paul the Lion

Comments (5)

I love this one too. It has numerous meanings for myself. I definately understand it. Though, ...I don't have a cell phone because I don't need one and I don't consider myself to be what I would call 'dumb whitted' or 'self obsorbed' or any sort. Your poems are great and I mean that. I very much enjoy reading them.
aww i liked it i agree many girls these days act stupid when their not or like hos that they dont have to be it doesnt take alot to find sum 1 to love so keep searchjin im sure youll find the right one
First-class rhyming. And hey, here's wishing the right girl comes your way even as we speak. (I'm addressing the speaker of the poem, by the way, Mr Lionheart. If that happens to be you, as I strongly suspect, then I certainly stand by this wish) . Nice to meet you. Warm regards, Gina.
if what you are saying is true, bravo. if not, it's still a wonderfull poem
Sweet sentiment. I feels a little primitive Paul, maybe because it has been buried a long time. Nice to hear you prefer brains! lol Both would be best! imo 10 from Tai