Please Marry Me(Fav)

I hear voices speaking to me,
But I can't hear anything, cause I'm stuck in a cloud of dream.
And the only thing that I'm capable of thinkin of,
Is gettin married and having a wedding.

Then the only thing that can interrupt me from my dream,
Is my clueless prince charming, he sits down next to me.
He says'You're so zoned out, what could you possiblyl be thinking about? '
But I wish I could say, taht you've been the only thing on my mind.

So I flash forward and revisit everything.
If you ever asked me what my dream is,
Here's what I'll tell ya:
My one and only dream, is to dream with you

About what colors the walls should be.
Should we have a brick path or a canopy?
I want you to help me decide what the middle name of our first child will be..
Please ask to marry me.

I can see it playing out so many different ways.
I pretend we are at our occassional ice cream stop.
We're ordering our favorites, just one of our typical days.
When I see in the tip box, a ring...
I'm about to get assistance, tell them something's up,
But before I could, my prince takes it from there and kneels.
'Beautiful girl, I've been dreamin about you, since when we were friends
And I've been thinking about it. Ahhhh. Hey baby,
Will you please marry me? '

I look at the sky, with you still sitting by my side as I daydream.
We could love each other, through the hard times.
We could watch reruns of Chuck and Psych.
We would never part our ways, we'd never say good bye.
Because when I die, I want you right by my side.

He said ' What could you possibly be thinking about? '

by Khloe Chace

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