HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Please My Girl...

please my girl, , ,
please don`t cry..
your tears crush my heart..

do any thing, ,
i can`t stand with these tears..
which it fall on your soft cheeks..
its as a volcano...
which it burn inside me my hopes` root..
do any thing, ,
but please don`t cry..
scold me...
punish me...
be so angry to me...
kill me...
i will not blame you, even if you shotted me...
but don`t cry..
and don`t be silent..
talk any thing..
can`t stand any more..
don`t let me kill myself by myself..
because these tears are so mean me..
its more dearer than my life..
even more than a whole of the world..
more dearer than my life..
my life which it not for me..
its for you, ,
and you owned it..

don`t cry..
my mistakes never to be forgiven..
i know that..
but i wait a forgiveness..
from my god and from you too..
help me to be a new one..
new one without mistakes
and with a white heart..
to give you my pure love again..
again without sin..

please my girl..
help me..
because i loved you..
and on your love still i do..
love you sweetheart...

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