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Please Realize
DS (10/17/1994 / )

Please Realize

If beauty lies within the eyes
Why are yours so full of lies?

You led me to believe
This truth I'd never recieve

Now I'm left alone with these thoughts I cannot seem to bear.
All I can do anymore is sit in silence and stare.

I want you to be here forever
But you just think my advice is whatever.

When you do the things you do everyday,
I pretend it doesn't bother me anyways.

Even though deep inside
I just want to break down and cry.

'I know what I'm doing! ' you'd say.
But I have no choice but to question if I may.

Why would you do this to all that surround you with love?
Why will you not seek help from the love above?

You probably cannot answer these questions for me.
But that's okay. Maybe one day I'll just let it be.

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